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Education and the Pandemic Ripple

Our Associate Rob Prescott asks how the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted the education sector and explores what industry can do to help.

Most pupils returned to schools on the 8th March 2021 in the UK after a year like no other when it comes to education and the usual structured rigours we’re all accustomed to. So what could the impact of all this be on our children and the future leaders amongst them?

Undoubtedly, home schooling has been tough on parents, but surely the biggest impact has been on the students themselves. Home schooling environments will differ and we all know kids learn at different rates, but how much will this impact them when it comes to exams further down the line? Will it impact them as much as people seem to fear it will? Will they be at a disadvantage in later years and when it comes to University places or career opportunities? Pupils are versatile and adaptive and so if anyone can deal well with this situation it is this younger generation and maybe they will indeed use it as a driving force to excel.


What about further education and the impact the pandemic has had on the current crop of University students?

Is it right that they’re paying full tuition fees for a year that has barely seen them step foot into a lecture hall or studio space? Often coupled with students being locked down in halls of residence or student housing which is an ever increasing cost. Should further education students be offered a tuition fees holiday for subsequent years?

What will the education secretary and Universities do to help these students?

Can industry and the work place step in to help?

Could your organisation sponsor a University course, or a pupil? Is your company looking to give summer work placements or gap year employment opportunities? Let’s give the students the opportunities they need. Whilst the private sector has been hard hit by the pandemic, there are positive signs on the horizon and getting new highly motivated students into the work place could be beneficial to all.

At DB3 we’re looking to expand our technology skills and the services we offer our clients, constantly looking for innovation.

Therefore we are happy to support University mentoring schemes across the UK and to provide work placements for talented students.

We’re looking for enthusiastic students willing to challenge themselves and work in an exciting and wide ranging industry.

Date Published: 14 April 2021

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