MIPIM 2023

As the world’s leading property market event, MIPIM provides a global platform for the UK to attract investment and to understand what factors are driving the industry internationally.

Each UK region has the opportunity to showcase what it has to offer potential investors and generate interest in future growth. As a national business, DB3 supports the regions we work in in finding the growth opportunities to secure a positive outlook and strong economic position.

During the conference and fringe events, we can learn about current trends and innovations, gain industry insights, share our knowledge, and better understand how we can provide an improved service to support our clients, now and in the future.

Industry insights

Industry insights

The 2023 programme has a clear focus on economic regeneration and environmental impact. With the launch of a new “Road to Zero” area giving better attention to the future of our built environments.

As designers, the places we create reflect our values. We are keen to have a greater impact on an improved user experience by enhancing sustainability and supporting future ESG initiatives in the industry.

Innovation in technology is crucial to the future of construction and placemaking.

The team

The team

As an employee-owned business we encourage everyone to be involved in our business objectives by building relationships and promoting our skills and expertise. To develop the next generation of leaders, we have a strong contingent travelling to Cannes for 2023.

Nathan McNamara, CEO > Building Better Futures

Tom Hill, Director > Exploring the Future of Energy & Waste

Julius Steinert, Director > London’s Architectural Landscape

Charlotte Scaife, Associate Director > Building Success Through Relationships

Rob Prescott, Senior Associate > Mastering High-End Retail Design

Hemal Patel, Associate & Head of Manchester Architecture > Unlocking the Secrets of Urban Design

Lee Holmes, Associate > The Rise of Modular Construction

If you would like to meet with our team during the week of MIPIM 2023. Please email or contact them direct.

Knowledge sharing

Knowledge sharing

The DB3 team are aware of the challenges posed by global events. It is important that we move forward with actions and not just talk about the problems and solutions.

Through DB3’s Net Zero Consultancy, we are researching and promoting the innovation necessary to reshape the built environment, with particular emphasis around decarbonisation and efficiency in buildings.

We encourage sustainable investments that focus on energy efficient buildings, carbon neutral construction, regeneration, refurbishment and retrofit of existing estates, and implementation of renewable energy.

With the UK accounting for 23% of MIPIM attendees, this gives real opportunity to meet with business leaders from across the country to discuss these key topics.

Date Published: 24 February 2023
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Our people are our greatest asset

Our people are our greatest asset

Our architects, designers, engineers and management team boast a vast array of expertise and specialist skills sets that are the secret behind our success.

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