Retail Design and Support Technician

Dan Hooper

Dan joined DB3 in 2006 and is our field based Retail Design and Support Technician. He has worked for many DB3 clients, most recently his main clients are Co-op, Heron Foods and M&S.

In additional to Architectural Design roles for M&S, Dan also provides what M&S terms as ‘Loose Equipment Consultancy’ (LEC), where he facilitates ordering all freestanding equipment and providing fixture layouts for their new stores.

Dan is also part of the DB3 Retail architecture team designing new stores to the new format for M&S.

Outside of work Dan is a keen runner and has entered numerous Marathons, Half Marathons and 10k races.  In 2021 he completed his First Ultra Marathon Running, which is just over 60 miles!

Heron – various store refits

M&S Sears & Rochdale – new store including fixture planning & ordering

M&S Aintree – existing store extension including new food hall

M&S Uxbridge, Hereford, Lincoln & Beckenham – renewal

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