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Offering a refreshing solution for Coca-Cola’s storage challenges

DB3 were employed to provide architectural services to Coca-Cola Enterprises Ltd within their existing site in Sidcup, Kent. The new scheme includes a 40m-high Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) building, new distribution building and link warehouse to the main production halls.

From RIBA Stage 1 to 4, DB3’s role included:

  • Overall design co-ordination for the concept design
  • The full planning application, including a public consultation
  • Tender package for Design and Build procurement.

We co-ordinated the design of the project through the use of Revit and BIM in full 3-dimensions.

The Coca-Cola Challenge

The Coca-Cola Challenge

The ever increasing demand for Coca-Cola products has meant that over the years the storage capabilities of its existing site, which housed production plants, warehousing, distribution facilities and ancillary offices, had been exceeded. To alleviate this space pressure, Coca-Cola resorted to renting third party warehouses, mainly in Dagenham.

Following a review of the ever more inadequate warehousing on site and third party storage arrangements, Coca-Cola established that additional traditional low-rise storage on site would not meet their requirement due to the volumes that are required to be achieved on one of their premier sites.

Coca-Cola Brief & Objectives

Coca-Cola Brief & Objectives

Initial feasibility studies by specialist logistics consultants established early on that high-bay warehousing would be the only viable option to enable Coca-Cola to rationalise and improve its existing operation. Additionally, it would make the site more sustainable for the future.

The key objectives of the proposed development, which were determined by these initial consultations, were to:

  1. increase on-site storage capacity to facilitate further investment in manufacturing capacity at the Sidcup site and to provide additional employment opportunities in the future;
  2. maximise on-site storage to provide efficiencies in operation and mitigate the aforementioned ‘double handling’ of product, reducing the unnecessary transportation costs and the associated number of vehicle trips on the highway network;
  3. optimise the logistical supply chain by providing dispatch capacity to meet client demand and effectively manage the impact on the highway network.

DB3 Solutions for Coca-Cola

DB3 Solutions for Coca-Cola

The main challenge for DB3 was obtaining the full planning permission for this project due to its size and proximity to the travellers’ site. We successfully achieved this with relatively limited conditions.

With the approximate external dimensions of the ASRS structure and its ancillary buildings being 100m (l) x 40m (w) x 40m (h), our designs aimed to minimise its visual impact on its immediate environment. By utilising different colour cladding panels our design blends into the ASRS’s surroundings.

The site is also partly within a flood zone so co-ordination between the civil engineer, Coca-Cola and DB3 was vital. Furthermore, Coca-Cola operate several drainage systems for various effluents which also required special attention.

The Sweet Solution

The Sweet Solution

The project was carefully designed to incorporate the requirements for logistics and functionality. The existing warehousing and dispatch structures on the site were demolished and the Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) were erected. The ASRS building provides high-density storage which means that freed up storage space is now available to provide additional production lines.

The site also included new associated dispatch and loading structures and a link building as well as alterations to the vehicular access to provide more onsite, modern storage. A new gatehouse and completely re-designed goods yard also form part of the work.

Client: Coca-Cola Enterprises Ltd.
Project Manager/Quantity Surveyor: PM: Faithful & Gould I Structural / Civil Eng: Waterman Structures I M&E Eng: Silcock Leedham
Location: Sidcup, Kent
Value: £35 million
RIBA Stages: 1-4
Date Completed: Feb 2014 – Oct 2016
Expertise Area:

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