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North London Heat and Power Project

The brief

DB3 was appointed by Acciona to provide architectural design and landscape architecture for a new £683m Energy Recovery Facility (ERF) for North London Waste Authority (NLWA). The scheme which will form part of the Edmonton EcoPark site will be the UK’s greenest ERF, serving seven North London boroughs as part of a £1.2bn investment known as the North London Heat and Power project. DB3 are undertaking RIBA Stages 2-6 and leading the delivery of the facility to completion, with Gillespies providing support.

The project aims to become a leading example of ERFs, demonstrating how innovative design and technology can be used to support sustainable development.

The most sustainable and cost-effective solution

The most sustainable and cost-effective solution

The Energy Recovery Facility is poised to make a substantial contribution to reducing carbon emissions. It will produce efficient, low-carbon heat and power, resulting in a carbon impact equal to removing up to 110,000 vehicles from the road each year.

Aside from lowering carbon emissions, the facility will also play a crucial role in waste management. It can process 135,000 tonnes of recyclable material yearly, as well as incinerate 700,000 tonnes of non-recyclable waste and generate 50 megawatts of electricity. This amount of energy is enough to power 127,000 homes.

The project is predicted to save up to £900 million over 27 years, further supporting the economic advantages of sustainable energy production. With these plans in place, the Energy Recovery Facility will have a long-term impact on both the environment and the economy.

The details in the design

The details in the design

The facility has been designed to include public viewing spaces that showcase the building’s unique features and operations. The highlight of the design is the observation tower, which has been strategically placed to extend above the green roof, providing a panoramic view of the surrounding site.

In addition to the observation tower, the facility’s administrative building features a selected area accessible to the public, where they can witness the waste debunking process first-hand and gain a deeper understanding of the benefits of energy from waste. This educational experience provides a unique opportunity for visitors to learn about sustainable practices and how the facility is contributing to a greener future.

Maintaining high levels of safety and facilitating regular maintenance is a top priority for the North London Heat and Power Project. To this end, we have implemented a KKS coding system throughout the site.

Problem solvers

Problem solvers

The inherited designs did not comply to new fire safety regulations requiring a complete redesign of the admin building. This impacted the floor arrangements/configuration, which we redesigned and issued back to the client and end-user for review.

During our redesign process, we also considered the unique location of the administrative building, situated above an IBA bunker and beneath a crane maintenance zone. To address potential vibration issues, we developed a design that allowed the office to be fully independent from the cranes.

Building better futures

Building better futures

As part of the project’s commitment to building a better future, we have expanded our services to include social activities that focus on empowering the local community. We will undertake presentations to schools, volunteer work in the local community, apprenticeships in local boroughs, and engagements at town halls to showcase the benefits of the new ERF and build a sustainable future for generations to come.

Furthermore, the project will encourage economic growth and job creation in the local community with the creation of hundreds of skilled jobs including at least 418 full-time roles, 180 training placements, and 90 apprenticeships.

Client Information

Client Information

Client: Acciona

Contractor: EAI

Structural Engineer: EAI

MEP Engineer: EAI

Quantity Surveyor: EAI

Principal Designer: Acciona

Project Manager: Acciona

Location: Edmonton, North London

Value: 670m

RIBA Stages: 2-6

DB3 People: Tom Hill, Michael French, Kevin Axtell, Mohammed Mahdi, Martin Zarins

Expertise Area: Energy & Waste, Architecture, Landscape Architecture


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